We apply sustainable cultivation on our crops, which is environmentally and landscape friendly. We do not use pesticides and continue to grow traditional plant varieties natural to our territory such as carrots, cabbage, tomatoes, peppers, celery, and kale. At present, we manage 2 farms – in Olešná and Skřeněř – which have a total area of 30 hectares and are at the end of the transition period to obtain official “organic” “bio” certification.

We would like to contribute to the improvement of Czech agriculture in this way. Most of the land in the Czech Republic is degraded due to large-scale farming, and most of the quality organic vegetable is on the Czech market is imported. These are just some of the reasons that have led us to organic farming.

The sale of organic vegetables is governed by rules other than conventional vegetables, so we are grateful that we can work with partners such as groups of shops Sklizeno or restaurants Ambiente, who share same ideas, and together we can create a platform that aims to produce organic vegetables in larger volumes and offer it to the wider public, in addition to a fair price.

"Most of organic vegetables in the Czech market is imported. Vast of the agricultural land in Czech Republic is degraded due to large-scale production. These are the main reasons, which led us to ecological agriculture."
Lenka Křížová, Olešná farm manager
Tomáš Zídek, executive director


Organic farms Skřeněř and Olešná have undergone a two-year transitional period and will be officially certified in the organic farming regime from spring 2018. So we will produce organic vegetables at 24 hectares and certified apples, pears and quince on 15 hectares.